A critical set of eyes may help your organization overcome todays financial challenges

The Montgomery Financial Group, Inc. partners with Fitzgerald Asset Advisors to expand our services offering financial analysis and assistance to our business clients. Our goal is to deliver a fresh, realistic and objective perspective in assessing and analyzing an organization in order to develop and execute a strategic plan that meets the desired objectives maximizing potential. We provide expertise in consulting assignments that range from property valuation, feasibility study, pre-purchase analysis and complete organization evaluation.

Through our years in the business field we have observed numerous operations underutilizing facilities, limiting services and ineffectively managing costs. Our approach is to provide a top down assessment of market conditions, develop effective marketing strategies, assess operations and facilities for determining how best to maximize asset value. Working with the management team, a new strategic plan will emerge, focused on these objectives and most importantly executed to maximize strengths, fill market opportunities and manage overall costs.

Strategic plan development and implementation:

Our plan, developed and refined over a 15 year process is a results based approach developing specific strategies, priorities, implement and adjust as conditions dictate in order to maximize opportunities to achieve success.

  1. Define with clarity Owner and management team’s goals and objectives.
  2. Assess current operations to define strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.
  3. Analyze market conditions and marketing plan and match to fit operation and team goals.
  4. Completely assess facilities and infrastructure to determine priorities in reinvestment.
  5. Analyze operation costs, compare to industry and determine opportunities for improvement.
  6. Develop a long and short term capital plan to meet cash flow projections.
  7. Evaluate management organization structure to maximize productivity and efficiency.
  8. Develop achievable revenue projections and cohesive plan to meet these objectives.
  9. Implement the new organizational plan with clear assignments and responsibilities.