Installing a solar system has increased in popularity over the past few years with an increasing number of installers in the marketplace projecting great returns. How do you, the customer insure you are making the right decision on a project?

The Montgomery Financial Group has partnered with Fitzgerald Asset Advisors to provide businesses and individuals with a comprehensive analysis of proposed solar voltaic projects. Our firm provides an independent evaluation of projects to insure the contractor’s proposal will meet your expectations and achieve the results promised.

Our report will evaluate the proposal and includes viability, project integrity, return on investment (ROI), potential tax benefits, installation timeline and potential ongoing operating costs.


Viability: Asses the proposed project proposed output projections.

Project Integrity: Evaluate the proposed solar panels and equipment.

ROI: Calculate the proposed time for a full return on investment.

Tax Benefits:  Calculate potential tax credits and/or deductions.

Installation: Evaluate the projects proposed installation time line.

Operating Costs: Provide an estimate for ongoing costs through projects life span.


Our fees are hourly based on the projects scope and provide an upfront review estimate.

For a no fee initial consultation contact Herb @ 508-240-1151