Do you need help applying for College? 

Applying for College is time consuming and sometimes intimidating for many parents and high school students. Help make this important time easier by hiring a private college coach.

In recent years the college admissions landscape has changed dramatically. Students are applying to a greater number of schools resulting in more deadlines to keep track of and greater amounts of paperwork. The process is often overwhelming and is entangled with all the emotions of getting into the right school while leaving home.

Our goal isn’t how many of our clients go to Ivy League schools. We want our students to be happy with their choice – be that a state university, prestigious private school, or community college. Eryn gives students and their families the tools to conduct a college search, acts as sounding board, and provides information throughout the entire search process. We strive to alleviate the stress of the college search process and assist both students and parents in finding the best choice for each student.

Eryn will help your student with:

  • Initial college search
  • Planning and preparing for visits and campus tours
  • Essays and personal statements
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Admissions interviews
  • Final college selection